EU Trade Policy Advisors

Strategic analysis of and advice on key legislative issues.

Identification of key industry trends resulting from international policy initiatives.

Intelligence on likely outcomes of legislative and political decisions.
Targeted campaigns that can enhance your strategic position.

Access to a dedicated multilingual team of experts who are well connected to EU decision-makers.

The in-depth, specialist knowledge of renewable energy (biofuels), chemicals, agricultural commodities, transport, and environment sectors.
Headquartered in Brussels in the heart of the European quarter, EUMatrix is a dynamic trade and regulatory advice agency that can help you navigate the complex policy and legislative environment.

Our team of specialists has extensive experience in trade intelligence and regulatory advice, particularly in the biofuels, chemicals, and energy sectors.
We analyze and monitor opportunities and threats arising from trade and customs policies at the EU, World Customs Organisation (WCO), and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) level.

We use our diverse network of contacts to provide services for our clients. We promote exclusivity and confidentiality, yet we have unique networks in key sectors and countries.

We also carry out media relations and project management that are specifically tailored to suit your requirements.
Senior partners are actively engaged on each client account and our client list includes a whole host of major names. It is this combination of features that makes EUMatrix truly distinctive.
EU Trade Expertise
Monitoring regulatory developments in the following areas:
▪ EU trade negotiations
▪ EU tariff changes
▪ EU customs law
▪ EU anti-dumping & anti-subsidy cases
▪ EU bilateral and international trade agreements
▪ WTO Doha Round negotiations
▪ WTO dispute settlement cases
▪ WCO tariff changes

Differenting claims and rumours from real decisions that affect business.

Assessment of what can be done about political decisions that affect markets.

Monitoring issues that are likely to have an impact on trade policy and legislation – for example, providing early warnings on future changes to EU tariffs.

Assessment of how these changes and issues will have an impact on your products, trade and organisation.
EU regulatory advice
We facilitate the discourse, help you to approach stakeholders and ensure that your needs are taken on board by decision-makers.

We guide you through the complex myriad of European policymaking processes and offer tailor-made services built on trust and reliance.

We act as a "watchdog", providing valuable intelligence on markets, trade policy and legislation.

We monitor and analyse EU institutions' participation in global policymaking and utilise our network of decision-makers where appropriate.

We use our knowledge of the multi-dimensional EU system to help you:
understand the degree of certainty of political decisions;
▪ perform quick and effective investigations on information coming from the market;
measure the impact of potential outcomes;
▪ help you to shape a fair and stable regulatory environment.

Biofuels Intelligence

We have many years of experience of dealing with biodiesel, ethanol and bioethanol, including advocacy and communications work on trade-related issues.

We have access to an established network of trade associations and important players in the biodiesel and ethanol world.

Delivering a public policy “watchdog” service on biofuels (biodiesel and bioethanol) issues. We represent or assist our clients in meetings with high-level contacts in EU Member States and in key institutions, such as the European Commission, European Parliament, WTO and WCO.

An early warning on future changes in EU customs and trade policy.

Monitoring EU, WTO and WCO policy and legislation related to bioethanol, biodiesel and feedstocks.

Monitoring relevant WTO developments, notably prospects for agriculture tariffs and industrial goods tariffs.

Monitoring new tariff codes for biofuels within the WCO.

Our clients include major international oil companies, ethanol industry associations and biofuels and trading organisations.

EU Chemicals Expertise

The European Commission has adopted its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability as part of the EU’s net zero pollution ambition which is a key component of the European ‘Green Deal’. Regulatory action is underway.

Chemical producers, distributors and exporters/importers need to be fully up to date on the progress of these regulatory initiatives to be pre-warned of any potential impact upon their business, and be in a position to make meaningful input to the regulatory process to ensure their concerns are heard.

We can help you navigate this complex policy and legislative area. We have more than 30 years extensive experience and expertise in the petrochemical industry.
We have deep knowledge of REACH regulation, the European Chemicals Agency, and its legislative processes and have worked with major companies on REACH registration and compliance

We have an extensive network of contacts at senior level in European downstream user trade associations, European Commission and ECHA, and the European chemical industry association (CEFIC)
EUMatrix can assist in:
  • Monitoring regulatory developments of relevance to the client’s business
  • Establishing dialogue with EU trade associations, and creating alliances in industry advocacy
  • Responding to European Commission and ECHA decisions which impact the client’s business
  • Lobbying for fair treatment of the client’s product portfolio and extended transition periods
  • Representing the client’s and wider industry concerns, for example in any product restriction threat

Communication & Media
EUMatrix delivers tailored communications solutions in support of clients' business strategies. Communications activities are a key component of a successful lobbying campaign:
▪ enhance reputation and assist in brand-building campaigns
▪ give clients a voice in debates on policy legislation
▪ help clients' messages reach their intended audience
▪ support the development of crisis management plans
▪ enable access to broad coverage of issues through our extensive network of media contacts and media relations activity

We use our contacts in the media to promote clients to public and private stakeholders throughout Europe and beyond.

Media campaign development, formulation and distribution of press releases, organisation of press conferences and serving as a contact point for reporters and journalists.

A wider communications service, which includes writing, editing and creating promotional material such as marketing brochures, website content, posters and newsletters.
International Activities
EUMatrix may be based in Brussels but our influence extends across the globe. We offer the following services and expertise:
▪ Analysis of the political, legal and economic situation of a particular country and its possible impact on industry
▪ Analysis of international policy and its impact on a particular organisation or country
▪ Identification of main players in the market and analysis of their market positioning
▪ Analysis of trends of technological developments affecting the industry
▪ Identification of regulatory obstacles to the entry of foreign players in the EU market

We have experience operating with companies, trade associations and governments in the following countries:

▪ CIS Countries (energy producer)
▪ Brazil (oil producer)
▪ India (IT company)
▪ Morocco (medical device company)
▪ Italy (e-health company)
▪ Spain (software company)

▪ Russia (represented the interests of a major health company)

▪ Italy (oil producer)
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Our Team
  • Roberto Bruni
    Managing Partner & Co-Founder of EUMatrix

    Experience: 7 years working in multinationals and 15 years in public affairs and trade policy consultancy.

    Field of expertise: energy, chemicals, agriculture, transport, environment.

    Specialized in geopolitics and trade policy advice with a focus on EU trade defense.

    Former Deputy Secretary General of the Industrial Ethanol Association.

    Roberto graduated in Political Sciences with a Master in International Law and Economics and is fluent in 5 languages.

  • Dr. Phillip Davison
    Managing Partner & Co-Founder of EUMatrix

    Phil has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and 30 years of experience in the chemical industry.

    Field of expertise: plastics, solvents, alcohol, and biofuels.

    Former deputy director for public and external affairs of a multinational oil company.

    Former Chairman of European Solvents VOC Coordination Group (ESVOCCG, a cross-industry forum of 30 producers, end-users & national chemical associations).

    Former Secretary General of the Industrial Ethanol Association.

    At present, he is the Chair of the UK National Alcohol Producers Association (NAPA).

  • Jouko Keranen
    Business Development Manager

    Business development consultant specializing in sales activities, company development, and internationalization.

    More than 20 years of experience from company management teams to entrepreneurship.

    Fields of expertise: computer software industry, telecom, IT service sector, healthcare.

  • Anthoni Nicolas
    Business Development Manager ASEAN

    Former Head of International Markets Kadin

    Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.

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